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—We're the Kennedy's!

We have been together for over three years now. Fun fact, we got married on our one year dating anniversary! We absolutely love exploring new places, hiking and just seeing this beautiful world we all live in. On the other hand, we also completely love a good Netflix binge and are weirdly obsessed with British crime shows. We have the cutest doge named Bandit who totally lives up to his name and knows how to high five you.

caleb + tiff kennedy

This is us!

I’m Caleb. I’m a husband and a dog dad. Every dog I’ve ever met loves me. I love adventure, traveling, and seeing new things. I'm the video man and the one who holds all of tiff's things. What more is there to know?

We love a good adventure. Since we've been married, we've visited 10 national parks + 21 states together.

I'm Tiff, A wife and a huge fan of marriage. I love to explore new cities. i run from spiders and i'll probably cry at your wedding. my passion is capturing yours.

We call
other husbando
+ wifo.

Visiting national parks, exploring new cities, hiking, just taking in creation



We love trying food in every city we visit. Tiff tries biscuits and gravy in every city we visit. So far, none have lived up to Knoxville.


We are both followers of Jesus and very passionate about our faith.

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If you know, you know.


Caleb is seriously a dog whisperer and would pet every single dog ever if he could.

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